February 15, 2011


Ada orang beritahu aku, kalau kita sedang busy, berbagai idea masuk dalam kepala bagi menjadikan sebuah kata kata bermutu bagi mencapai kesejahteraan dalam minda. Ya, begitu juga aku. Minda aku sejahtera rasanya. Masih belum ada idea yang belum keluar dari kotak minda.

Think out of the box is not really my stuff. My mind is in one box, and yet I haven't find a way out from that damn box. But there is something that I don't know. I'm not sure whether that box is small or so wide it could fit the entire world in it. Yes, I'm not sure myself. Sometimes the box is so small I couldn't find the answer to one simple question. Sometimes I could answer a question that no one could ever think of answering. Yup, this damn box in my head is flexible. Unfortunately not flexible in a good way.

Sometimes when I keep on looking for answers, the answers is actually just at the wall of the box. I just couldn't reach the answer. If you are wondering why do I always use the words 'sometimes', it's my tagline. SOMETIMES LOVELY ISN'T EVERYTHING. Because nothing is consistent. Nothing stays at the same shape. Nothing stays constant. Don't you agree?

Why am I writing this? This one is a draft from last night chaos. I couldn't sleep the entire night. I dozed off at about 5.30am maybe. What did I do? I don't know. It's something I couldn't find a word to describe. It's so funny how I did something but I didn't know the name, the title, or the subject. But what I'm sure of, the thing that I do last night was everything a human being would avoid doing. Sleepless and fucking tired. No sweety, I didn't go to that concert you forbid me from going. It's just a chaos night. And please confide me.

And this is how I get my ilham. This is how the idea came rolling to the center of the box and went straight to this damn blog.

Will Lucifer win this fight? Ask Michael. Probably he knows. But what I'm sure of, I am currently at Lucifer's side.

P/S: I deleted few (read: hundreds) friends from facebook. If you're reading this and is not a contact from facebook, please re-add. ;)
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