February 20, 2011


I'm 21 years old girl, and it has been almost 8 years of socializing, and most of it was on the net. And those 8 years is nothing if you compare me to a high class, high end peeps like those you see on the big screen. I remember Mike from Europe Trip something. Mike is a beautiful lady and was up to the expectation of man's all around the globe. Yup, someone like me is not the expectation of some dudes in Malaysia.

That is why, everytime I'm going to see someone, I told them to take a look at my photos in Facebook. I'm a fat girl with nothing cute to offer to people, especially men (unless sex maniac who is into BBW). Yes, I am a fat girl weighing almost 100kg and I'm proud to be me. I don't live to satisfy someone else's expectation. You expect beautiful lady, please woo them and stay out of my field. You got me brah?

I had been through thousands of real world blind date. Yes, some may turns good, yet some turns really bad. But I don't give a damn. You like me, please say so. And if you don't like me, please say so TOO. Don't compare me to some beautiful fun lady with almost everyone as a friend. I don't mind if you shoo me off on the first meet. You can kick my ass and say "fuck off girl" on the first time, but don't kick my ass and shoo me away after having the best time of your life.

Get it?

That's it, please give me some space. A fat lady is coming through your way. BEWARE, I may look blunt, but the reality sucks, so my SHARPness may haunt you for the rest of your life. After all, aren't I 'the' LOVELYKNIFE you all have in your heart?

*peace out*

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