November 28, 2010

5 years with hell on your shoulder

i first knew him when i was 15. it was april i thought. and i was young, for sure. i like him, of course. he was so adorable. he liked hilary duff, he had a great english, he had a 'malay-ed' manner, he treated me nice, and we got so close, so damn fast.

now, i am 20. he is 21. i grew up, and i hope he would too. i still like him. he is still adorable. his english is still great, he still have the 'malay-ed' manner, he still treating me nicely, and now i'm trying to close down the gap that 5 years brought between us.

i don't know whether he still like hillary duff or not.

it's hard to believe that we never met each other.

Mr Samuel Russell, 28 November 1989 - hereafter.

L.I.P.S - live in peace, sammy.

November 19, 2010


what is responsibility?
why responsibility is needed?
what is your responsibility?

i have one answer for that 3 questions.

-i am, responsibility, is me-

no way out. trust me.

November 18, 2010


i need you to replace me in my life.

can you?

O' Sunshine, why are you so loud to my eyes?

O' Moonlight, why are you so cloudy?

O' You, why are you so dumb?

peace out bro!