November 28, 2010

5 years with hell on your shoulder

i first knew him when i was 15. it was april i thought. and i was young, for sure. i like him, of course. he was so adorable. he liked hilary duff, he had a great english, he had a 'malay-ed' manner, he treated me nice, and we got so close, so damn fast.

now, i am 20. he is 21. i grew up, and i hope he would too. i still like him. he is still adorable. his english is still great, he still have the 'malay-ed' manner, he still treating me nicely, and now i'm trying to close down the gap that 5 years brought between us.

i don't know whether he still like hillary duff or not.

it's hard to believe that we never met each other.

Mr Samuel Russell, 28 November 1989 - hereafter.

L.I.P.S - live in peace, sammy.

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