April 10, 2011


29March2011, 1minute and 19seconds is hell. and it is very much affecting my life.

30March2011, I missed you. but hell I can't call you every night, that would make me look like a slut.

31March2011, I called you at 1.21am but u didn't pick up, maybe u were busy, I just wanted to tell you I got the job.

1April2011, I was so damn tired and so damn mad with Aishah, I forgot to call you. And yes I'm so sorry. Really.

2April2011, I went back to Seremban and I didn't call you because I hate you for not picking up my previous call.

3April2011, I called you twice. First at 12.42am and secondly on 3.10am. I wanted to tell you that I fucking miss you.

4April2011, I went to college and found out that a few of my best buddies are a bunch of dickhead. And I forgot to call you.

5April2011, I called you at 12.07am, to tell you about my new job and how much I love it. I wanted to give you my office number.

6April2011, I started losing hope with you. Yes, I really do. But that was the heart speaking.

7Aprill2011, I called someone else because I seriously need to talk to someone.

8April2011, I spent the whole night thinking about you. I cried so hard because I don't know what's gonna happen.

9April2011, I tweeted some random stuff about you coz I miss you so much.

10April2011, I called u at 1.29am, but yet you didn't pick up. I just want to tell you these;

"Wherever you are, I know you are very much alive. Whatever you are doing, I know there is something wrong with our relationship. Whoever you have turn to be, I know that deep inside you are still my man.

No matter what happen in the future, please know that I will always be here. If you stumble down, please know that I'm here and I'll help you up. If you get so high, please know that I'm here and I'll push u up higher. If you still on the same track, please know that if you need anything, please know that I'm here and I'll be glad to help.

And tonight, I just wanted to hold your hands and tell you, I love you. I love you so much I can cry a thousand tissues away. I miss you so much my spine hurts. I need you here so bad coz I need u to fill this empty hole in my heart.


Thanks sweetheart.

Thanks friend.

Thanks lover.

Thanks, you.


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