October 8, 2010

inilah aku

i'm a stupid person, i don't follow rules, i do bad things but yet i still have a few friends who can accept me. so if you think you can deal with my rudeness, my temper, my stupid attitude, feel free to be my friend. for now and ever. i hate it when someone call me 'sayang' but treat me like a total bitch. if sex is all the the thing that you want,then i'm not the one oke. i only accept friendship, true friendship and beautiful friendship. no grudge, no talk back and no STAB back. read this following lines carefully, "if u don't like me, don't add me. if i added you and you decided not to like me, you delete me. if you say bad things about me behind my back, think about what i can do to you, behind your back. beware, i'm neither beautiful nor stupid. i'm just ugly and resentful. thank you.

ini aku copy dari MySpace aku. cun kan? jangan terasa beb.

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