March 29, 2011

Silver Lining

What the fuck is silver lining?

Who the fuck invent silver lining?

Why the fuck is everyone hoping for a silver lining?

When the fuck does silver lining come and save your ass?

Where the fuck can you find your silver lining?

How the fuck that you believed in silver lining?

Silver lining is just an idiom, a metaphor so that you never look down and fall. It is just another fucking words to screw your life. It is just another reason for you to do thing on your own fucking way and regret it afterwards. Don't you notice that?

You don't need silver lining. Silver lining is just another bullshit to make you calm down and stop the hell of your rants. Silver lining is just another piece of crap to make you smile and keep on hoping. And hope is just another bullshit!

Stop ranting and do something to make you happy. Don't wait for silver lining to come. Because obviously, this silver lining shit is taking me away from you.

Just so you know, your life is made of pure gold and platinum.

Be careful for what you wish for, coz you might just get it.

I'm here for you friend. Just stop bullshitting.


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